Ajay Badamikar

Sub: Testimonial from Capt.Ajay Badamikar (Director Triumph Marine Services Pvt.Ltd.)

Dear Samir,
It gives me great pleasure to write this Testimonial to you and endorse your Therapy with Pride. I consider myself to be lucky to get introduced to you thru the BNI Chapter Fortune Platform.

I must admit that initially, I was a bit apprehensive as to what difference it would make, however in the first session itself all my apprehensions were cleared.

The Journey thereafter in NOT possible to explain in words as it’s an “UNIQUE EXPERIENCE

All the sessions did work on my sub conscious mind and my sleep pattern has definitely improved in terms of Quality and Time. Now I sleep better and feel rested after I wake up. Earlier it was other way around.

I must also thank you for being flexible when required and I do recommend to all the Chapter Members to experience this Hypnotherapy especially for those who are under tremendous stress and have sleep related issues.

The recent Case Studies that you have shared to all of us are invaluable and I thank you from bottom of my heart for this Noble Service that you offer.

I do recommend all to definitely understand this science and experience the same at least once. Samir, Thanks a lot once again and God Bless.


Ajay Badamikar