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August 2, 2017
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August 2, 2017

Narcotics Anonymous

Hi friends, today I am with the case study of a young person of the age of 26 years.

Let’s call him Divesh (Name changed but for the obvious reason). Divesh is a commerce graduate with an MBA degree from the IMS Ahmedabad and working with a renowned company. Very bright student very hardworking migrated from the other state to the city of Poona for the work. High salary and sharing the flat with the friends and very unfortunate that he felled in to the habit drugs addiction. Consuming once in 15 days, the injectable mode of administration. Ecstasy was the narcotics he was consuming. The brighter part is that he wanted to came out of that. He came to me with his friends and interacting, I came to know about the private life of the person and he needed the counseling for that.

I Counselled him on the area of his personal life and for the addiction I had an Hypnotherapy sessions with him. We had initial fifteen sessions afterwards I gave him the customized audio clip to listen at the night time. I always give customized audio clip to my clients, which they have to listen at the time of going to the bed. I take the person to the trance in that clip and give positive suggestions to the Subconscious mind of the person and finally give the sleep instructions. The person sleeps with the positive thoughts through out the night and morning gets up with those thoughts. Down the line three months, the person programmed accordingly. I don’t give medicines to any of my client so it’s safe. Hypnotherapy has a strong base of psychology. I am a pharmacy graduate, so I practice Clinical Hypnotherapy only. I called Divesh after three months once again though he had been stayed away from the addiction in that period. I had ten more sessions with him and asked him to just visit me once in three months for the next one year. Divesh now absolutely stayed away from any of the Narcotic drugs and enjoying every flair of the life in a positive way.

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